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Refer a Friend

Travel Nursing Referral Program

Travelers can earn extra money simply by referring friends and colleagues to us! Once your qualified RN referral completes an assignment in one of the specialties below, you'll receive a cash bonus, depending on specialty. Round up your registered nurse friends for some great rewards. With access to more jobs in more locations than any other travel healthcare company, they’re sure to find the perfect opportunity with us!

Do you have any friends and colleagues who are interested in travel? You can fill out the online referral form or they can apply with us directly and provide your name as their nursing referral.

Here's how it works:

  • Apply with us, explore travel, meet new colleagues, make new friends and have fun! As long as you have an application on file, you are eligible for the referral program!
  • Refer an RN using this online form, or your referrals can give your name when they apply.
  • We’ll notify you about the eligibility status of your referral (see Program Rules).
  • Once your referral completes a full 13-week assignment or longer with us in one of the specialties below, you’ll be eligible for a cash bonus, depending on specialty!

Referral Bonus Payouts by Specialty:

Earn tiered bonuses up to $750 for your RN referrals.

  • $750- Labor & Delivery, OR, CVOR, PICU
  • $500- ER, CVICU, PACU, Cath Lab, Case Manager,ICU, Dialysis, PCU, BMT, NICU, Oncology, Pediatrics, Pedi ER, Telemetry, Home Health
  • $250 - Medical Surgical

Questions? Please ask! Contact your recruiter for additional details.

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Travel Nurse Referral Program Rules & Eligibility Requirements (effective May 13, 2013) 

  • Referrals can be submitted by using our online form, or by a new traveler who identifies you as their referrer when applying. The name and contact information for both you and your referral needs to be included on the application or referral form.
  • To be eligible for the referral bonus, the referred candidate must be a new contact for AMN Healthcare (i.e. not already in AMN Healthcare's traveler database).
  • In a case of "reciprocal referring" (two new candidates applying and referring each other), only one referral bonus will be paid, to be split between the travelers.
  • Your referred RN must start within 120 days of the application date associated with that referral.
  • Assignments in any of the  RN specialties below qualify for the referral bonus program, with multiple tiered amounts per specialty group: $750 (L&D, OR, CVOR, PICU), $500 (ER, CVICU, PACU, Cath Lab, Case Manager, ICU, Dialysis, PCU, BMT, NICU, Oncology, Peds, Pedi ER, Telemetry, Home Health, Med Surg). You will earn a bonus for each eligible Registered Nurse (RN) you refer that completes a full  assignment contract with NursesRx.(A full assignment requires compliance with all contract requirements, completion of the assignment length specified at the time of booking, including a minimum of thirteen weeks and 468 hours worked.)
  • If you qualify to receive a referral bonus while you are on assignment with NursesRx, you will receive your bonus automatically through your current payroll. Bonuses are processed and paid out approximately 30 days after the completion of the referred traveler’s 13 week assignment. If you qualify for the bonus but are not on an assignment at that time, you will be contacted by your recruiter to confirm your address before your referral bonus payment is mailed. Any outstanding accounts receivable balances must be resolved before bonus payment is made.
  • Any and all taxes, e.g. federal, state and local, are your sole responsibility, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. You will be required to provide his/her social security number for tax reporting purposes. The value of the bonus will be reported on the applicable IRS form (W-2 or 1099).
  • We reserve the right to change the introduction programs terms and conditions and end the program at any time.
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