How One X-Ray Tech Found Freedom and Flexibility

per diem nursing appBy Jennifer Larson, contributor

When her shift as an X-ray tech begins at Providence St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, Shutita Deason has no idea where she might wind up. 

She may be transporting portable x-ray equipment to a patient’s room, or she may be called to the emergency department. 

Shutita, who lives in Lake Elsinore, California, has been working as a per diem healthcare professional for about a year now. 

And she’s been taking shifts at Providence St. John for about eight months, finding shifts that work for her and her schedule. 

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She might work one eight-hour shift and then have a few days off, or she may work several in a row.  She has control over her schedule and that works well for her.

How’d she get this gig? Shutita was able to achieve this particular set-up thanks to NurseFinders and her relationship with her recruiter Mark Lane.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Shutita likes the variety of experiences that come along with her job as an X-ray tech. Her favorite times, however, are when she’s summoned to the OR. 

She may be called at the beginning of a surgery to get x-rays of a patient before the surgeons begin their delicate work. Or she may be called in the middle of a surgical procedure. 

Either way, it’s fine with her.

“That’s the time when the patient is really a high priority. Everybody is on board, and everybody is working together in the OR. Everybody is alert,” Shutita said. “I like that environment, that intensity, that pressure.”  

Sometimes, she gets to remain in the OR for the duration. “Some doctors will keep you in the room the whole entire time, and others will say I will call you when I need you,” she said. “It just depends.”

Her voice is the voice of a woman who enjoys the work that she does. 

“If you’re going to go into X-ray, you have to be open to learning, training and change,” Shutita said. “And pressure. It’s very demanding. Depending on where you go to work, you may be the only X-ray tech in the hospital, although that’s usually on the graveyard shift. You have to be able to prioritize, and critical thinking skills are really important.”

Plus, she likes her current workplace. “I like the people there,” she said. “I like the hospital, the patients there, the whole culture there. I just like it.” 

There’s an App for That! 

In years past, people like Shutita would have relied on messy calendars and schedules to keep track of her work shifts. 

Not anymore. 

Shutita uses Nursefinders new mobile app, which allows her to stay on top of her workload and manage her professional responsibilities with ease. 

She can book a per diem shift with a simple click through the app’s interface. After she accepts an assignment through the app, it puts the shift on her calendar and sends her reminders about the upcoming shift. And she can also receive push notifications about per diem assignments in her area that might interest her. 

“It just helps me secure a job a lot faster and easier,” she said. 

The reminders are nice, too. “Especially if you’re busy and don’t have a set schedule, it’s nice to have that reminder,” says Shutita. 

Her advice for others looking to work in a similar style: keep an eye out for offers so you can be sure to log enough shifts to make the living that you want to make. And make sure it’s a place where the employees feel appreciated and have room to grow. 

“I look for places that have a well-known name, where people know it’s a good place to work, as well as a good place to be a patient,” she said. 

Interested in the new Nursefinders mobile app? Learn more about how the app works and how to sign up!

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