Per Diem FAQs

Most Commonly Asked Questions

 We're covering everything from per diem basics to specific questions about your assignment. Whatever it is, we've got you covered. Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions about per diem jobs. 

Per Diem Nursing Basics
Why Work Per Diem?

Per diem allows you to work on your own terms while earning competitive compensation. As a  “gig” healthcare worker, you'll have the opportunity to earn great pay, enjoy an excellent work-life balance, gain valuable experience, and explore new places. There has never been a better time to get started with Nursefinders!

What is the minimum amount of experience I need to work?

Requirements are based on specialty and health system. Please contact your recruiter for details specific to your area of expertise.

Can I work at more than one facility?

Yes! The beauty of this flexible way of working is that you can grow your resume at multiple locations to maximize your career growth

Do you offer a variety of contract lengths?

Yes! Nursefinders specializes in both short-term and long-term contracts, from one day to 13-weeks.

How long does the application process take?

Our application is quick and easy, click here to apply, or we are happy to do it for you! Just call us at 877-214-4105

How does the credentialing process work?

We have dedicated credentialing analysts ready to support you. The faster you complete your documents, the faster to your dream job! AMN Healthcare follows all client, state, and federal requirements for credentialing.

Will I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

You can read our COVID-19 policy here.

I want to work at a certain facility. Is that possible?

We work with many healthcare providers, including a large amount of exclusive health systems. We are excited to help you build your resume.

How does pay work?

We make it very easy for you. Click to see available opportunities here. Your recruiter will also confirm your rate prior to accepting the position.

Where do I find my schedule?

You will work in partnership with your recruiter, and the facility will work together to create a schedule that fits your availability.

Who do I contact if I have a clinical question while I am on assignment?

Please reach out to your facility leader. In addition, our clinical team is available 24/7 to support you.

What if I need to cancel?

Canceling a shift may leave the facility in a difficult position. If an emergency arises, please contact your recruiter right away or call (866) 701-4296.

Salary & Benefits
How often am I paid?

We pay via direct deposit or your chosen payment method weekly on Fridays.

Does Nursefinders offer a 401k or health benefits?

Nursefinders offers a full range of benefits, including 401k, health, dental, vision, and more! You can read our employee benefits here.

Does Nursefinders offer a referral program?

We would love to meet your friends and family! Click here for a full breakdown of the Nursefinders Referral Program.

Do you offer housing, subsidy, or meals/incidentals?

Per IRS guidelines, we do not provide housing, subsidy or meals/incidentals for per diem clinicians.

Does Nursefinders offer holiday pay?

Dates and shifts for holiday pay are determined by your facility assignment and may differ from those recognized by the facility for their own permanent staff.

Does Nursefinders offer Tuition Discounts?

AMN partners with several universities to assist RNs in pursuing their BSN, MSN, DNP, or Ph.D. degrees. See more here:

Does Nursefinders offer Employee Assistance Program to clinicians?

We offer confidential counseling, financial planning services, work-life balance, education benefits, pet, and elder care, and more! Click here to see the full range of benefits

Does Nursefinders offer other education benefits?

The Learning Center at AMN is the online continuing nursing education (CNE) platform of AMN Healthcare. The Learning Center at AMN is dedicated to providing the nursing community with the highest quality, fully accredited continuing education online. Most professional nursing certification organizations (e.g. CCRN, CEN) also accept The Learning Center at AMN courses for their continuing education (CE) re-certification requirements.

Does Nursefinders offer professional liability insurance coverage?

While on an assignment, the Company provides you with professional liability insurance coverage with a $2 million dollar limit, paid for by the Company. There is no application to complete, and coverage is effective for you on the first day of your assignment.