Top 5 Reasons to Work Per Diem Nursing & Allied Shifts This Summer

Top 5 Reasons to Work Per Diem Shifts This Summer

  1. Location Variety
    Per diem nursing (also called “local shifts”), allied health, and non-clinical jobs are available at a variety of healthcare settings including doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, long-term care or rehab centers, and other types of healthcare facilities. The smorgasbord of healthcare settings available prevents medical professionals from falling into a mundane career.
  2. Advance Your Career
    Choosing per diem is a great opportunity to experiment in different specialties. Whether medical professionals are considering a career move or simply want to test the waters in other departments or healthcare facilities, per diem is a popular and recommended way to explore new roles or employers.
  3. Work-Life Balance
    Nurses and allied professionals won’t miss a moment with your family and friends this summer when they work per diem because <i>they create their own work schedule. With agencies like NurseFinders providing short and long-term contracts, medical professionals can choose when and where they want to work. Visit our job search page to browse per diem jobs.
  4. Great Pay
    It’s as simple as supply and demand. Per diem jobs are often last-minute, which means the medical professionals are well-compensation. This is especially true in the summer when full-time clinicians take time off, making the demand for per diem medical professionals increase.
  5. Perfect for the Gig Economy
    Nurses and allied professionals can supplement their part-time or full-time work with additional hours picking up per diem shifts. They can choose whether they want to work a few months out of the year or make per diem work their full-time career.

Still on the fence about working per diem? We understand and created a transparent resource. Read the Top 6 Pros and Cons of Per Diem Nursing Jobs.