Per Diem Nursing: Flexibility and Variety

Experienced RN Finds Flexibility and Variety in Per Diem Nursing  

By Melissa Hagstrom, contributor 

With over 40 years of nursing experience, one would think that Terrya R., RN, has seen it all — but her second time around with an RN career, now working as a per diem nurse with Nursefinders, gives her new experiences almost every day.per diem nurse profile

After a career in nursing administration, Terrya left the workforce to raise her two children. Once they were grown and off to school, she wanted to return to nursing and entered a nurse re-entry program through the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla, CA. 

“My brother-in-law’s sister worked for Nursefinders and she recommended the company to me. Now, I’ve been working with Nursefinders for eight years,” she said.  

During this time, Terrya has gained experience in a variety of clinical and non-traditional areas. She enjoys taking per diem shifts that stretch her skills and allow her to interact with a variety of patients and other healthcare professionals.

“I’ve had a long term per diem assignment with Kaiser Head and Neck Surgery through Nursefinders for the past 2 ½  years,” she explained. “In addition to that, I also do school nursing, corporate wellness clinics, insurance evaluations, home health, flu shot clinics, and all kinds of other things all through Nursefinders. Because I don’t need to work a lot of hours, I’m the perfect person to work these kinds of jobs.”

“I like dabbling here and there. It’s a lot of fun and very interesting.” 

Terrya said that she loves all of the different types of jobs that she works through Nursefinders, but she admits that her most unusual assignment so far involved a mortuary. “I was doing flu shots,” she recalled. “They had me in the morgue area and I set up my station and gave flu shots to the employees.”

Terrya’s exposure to many different types of practice settings has allowed her to continue to expand her career and skill set as an RN. 

“I’ve learned so much,” she said. “Particularly at Kaiser

— they do a lot of training. For example, I would’ve never known head and neck surgery or learned these types of skills. It’s very stimulating.” 

Per diem nursing offers a host of benefits, and Terrya’s favorite aspect of her career is the flexibility this type of nursing provides. 

“The best thing for me personally is that I get the flexibility I need. I have a very busy life and we’re involved in a lot of activities; I take a lot of classes and volunteer. It’s nice that I don’t have to go through someone to get permission to get the time off,” she said. 

With a daughter living in New York as an actress and a son enrolled in UCLA’s Physics program, Terrya and her husband love the freedom that per diem nursing offers. “I’m happy with Nursefinders and I’m a loyal employee. This is mutual: It’s worked out well for me and for them as a company.”


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